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With over 50 Product Enhancements, Version 4 is Faster, Leaner,
with an Improved User Interface.


LogWiz® is a single-user program designed for the medical student, intern, resident, fellow, or practicing physician to document their career. It allows you to input patient contact experiences for future recall and for generating legible reports. LogWiz easily performs searches and creates reports on patient diagnoses and procedures. LogWiz is a user-friendly program that provides a powerful research and organizational tool for busy medical students, interns, residents, or practicing physicians.

  • LogWiz allows you to record every hospital & office patient contact
  • LogWiz can search records by hospitals, diagnoses, procedures
  • LogWiz can print patient data, procedures, diagnoses, rotations

LogNet, the multi-user version of LogWiz allows Directors of Medical Education, or Resident Training Personnel access the medical logs of students, providing you with information about their current rotation, hospital or office location, types and number of procedures students are doing, and much more. The benefits of LogNet for the resident trainers are:

  • LogNet simplifies student/resident management
  • LogNet allows monitoring of student/ resident progress
  • LogNet prints yearly training progress reports
  • LogNet assists in standardizing any medical training program

Two versions are available:

  • LogWiz Professional - the single-user version contains ICD9 diagnosis & CPT procedure codes
  • LogNet - the multi-user version is available with either ICD9 or CPT procedure codes

Both versions inherit the same functionality with only minor differences in features.

Each program generates over 40 reports. You can choose between portrait or landscape printing formats.

Users of the LogWiz or LogNet program can become participants in the National Data Alliance. The National Data Alliance provides access to a "national pool" of data which enhances the training program’s credibility and visibility. A training facility or an individual can now, in an anonymous fashion, gain access to a collective pool of data, a potentially powerful research tool

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